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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Heart Sighting

I walked with new enthusiasm this afternoon; it really helps to have the proper kit! It’s very cold outside but now that I have a full month of daily walks under my belt, I decided it’s high time to start outfitting…

31 Jan 2015

Winter on the River

I am a self-confessed Hermit who has to remind herself to say yes to people, adventure, and life. It snowed a little last night (for the first time in 2 years), so it was especially tempting to stay curled up…

30 Jan 2015

Fit for a Queen

Every Queen needs a bit of castle time, and I’m no exception. We walked out to one of my happy spots, the ruins of Hadleigh Castle, to take advantage of this morning’s crisp, clear weather. Set on high ground overlooking…

29 Jan 2015

Ancient Holy Ground

The wind was bitter this afternoon, but it served to chase the rain away, and the beauty of the remaining clouds racing across the sky more than made up for the shivering. St. Peter’s Church stands on ancient holy ground…

28 Jan 2015

Winter Berry Spotting

Tuesday. The busiest day of my week, every week. A short walk through the neigbourhood was all I could manage, just long enough to breathe a bit of fresh air and do a bit of berry-spotting.

27 Jan 2015

Winter Brighteners

Once again, our village tea shop offered the perfect destination for a chilly afternoon walk. What can be nicer than a warm drink and a chat with a good friend to kick off the new week? Hurrying home afterwards, I…

26 Jan 2015

Tick-the-box Walking

I’m feeling swamped here at my desk today, and really had to force myself into shoes and out the door for what I was calling a tick-the-box walk. I told myself I’d just take a quick swing around the (long)…

25 Jan 2015

Winter Woodland

I wanted a gentle stroll through the woods not a scramble through the underbrush, but the day was so beautiful that I let myself be talked into walking down into Thundersley Glen. Looks are deceiving, however, so Jeff was quickly pressed…

24 Jan 2015

Magic Happens

I wrote a silly little post about going walking in glorious sunshine this morning and seeing a ridiculously big and sunny bus parked on a very small road, but I didn’t feel quite right about hitting that no-going-back publish button….

23 Jan 2015

The Rosy Glow of Casual Conversation

Our drab weather continues, though it isn’t quite as bitter outside today. Every dog walker in town seemed to be out, and everyone seemed chatty, which was nice. I love the quirkiness of conversations with casual strangers, people you don’t…

22 Jan 2015

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