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From Crazy to Calm


Tuesdays get crazy in my life. Mondays feel exciting and full of potential,  but the reality of the week’s work always hits hard on Tuesdays. I enjoy walking to work on those evenings, especially if, like today, it is the only walk I’ve managed over the course of the  day. My feet make their way along the familiar roads and my mind relaxes as I switch gears and head to the haberdashery haven that is Bodkins. Those late-in-the-day walks are especially nice at this time of year when the clocks have just jumped forward and the days are getting noticeably longer week by week.

31 Mar 2015

Letting My Fingers Do the Walking


Sometimes life gets in the way of regular practices. I am taking a few days off to attend to some personal matters, but will be back to both walking and blogging next week. Until then I will be walking some finger labyrinths and calling it good.

27 Mar 2015

Spring Colour

My birthday adventures are officially over and I've landed back at home. I feel celebrated, loved, and happy to be alive and walking in the world!

And while I've been off gallivanting, spring has crept into the neighbourhood, brightening my walk to work this evening.


25 Mar 2015



After Lea left for the airport, I decided to take advantage of a free day in London by making a personal pilgrimage to Kensington. Like many Americans, I’m fascinated by Britain’s royalty, especially our two longest reigning monarchs, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. I’ve wanted to visit Kensington Palace, the grandiose “home” which has figured prominently in the lives of these women who have walked in my imagination for so many years.

Ceiling Decoration

Seeing a few of the objects that would have figured in Queen Victoria’s life and seeing the decor she would have seen felt significant. And like most of us, I can never forget the iconic images of Kensington Palace as they were beamed around the world in the dark days following Princess Diana’s death.

Kensington Palace

Most of the public area is of historic, not modern importance, and I was particularly interested in learning what I could of Queen Victoria’s life. In addition to the rooms permanently on display, there are two special exhibits at the moment, Victoria Revealed and Fashion Rules.

I found it oddly moving to see dresses I have seen in photographs. I am not someone who follows fashion, so it was the personal connection to these women and the stories I have heard about their lives that moved me, more than the designs.

Similarly, seeing Diana’s clothes touched a chord in me, reminding me of the way in which she touched so many hearts, worldwide.



24 Mar 2015

Urban Wandering

There is nothing like a bit of wandering to help you get the measure of a place. I have been wandering around London whenever possible for the past 15 years, a full 25% of my life. While London is only 35 or 40 miles from Thundersley, it feels like a world away, and coming into the city is always a treat. I have my favourite haunts, like Covent Garden.

I prefer wandering in the neighbourhoods and shopping in smaller shops, but It is always interesting to dash through places like Harrod’s to be awed by the grandiosity and sense of self-importance.

Food has been a major theme this weekend, and it felt like a good percentage of our 25,000+ steps were in pursuit of clean, gluten free food that I could be certain was safe for me to eat. Having eaten easily and well in many cities and many countries, I was astonished to find gluten-free eating so difficult in London. In the end we prevailed, and found wonderful food, chefs, and wait staff, but I also found myself reduced to tears several times at several places. I’m sensing that it’s time for me to step up my writing about coeliac travel, something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while.


22 Mar 2015

Geek Quest

My inner geek has had a field day today. We came into London on the train, checked into our hotel, then headed out in search of notebooks, journals, and stationery supplies. Seriously, there is some cool stuff out there,  and we logged nearly 20,000 steps in pursuit of our writerly quest.


A whole store devoted to all things Moleskine! Who knew?


And another filled to capacity with maps and travel goodies. Combining all that with good food and a great companion makes for my idea of heaven.


I may have had  a bit too much fun picking out a new notebook for my Morning Pages.

20 Mar 2015

Spring’s Gentle Glory


A lovely walk through Thundersley today, enjoying the early signs of spring that are bursting into gentle glory.


Even our table at Pignalis seemed to get into the mood…  we lingered so long over cups of herbal tea that we finally ordered lunch as well.


19 Mar 2015

Tree Love


Once upon a time a Tree was so loved that when it came time to put a little brick wall around its garden,  the owners left a break in the wall so as not to disturb the tree.


Over the years, the Tree grew tall and provided shade for the garden and beauty to the road. After a while, ivy grew up her trunk, and lots of passers-by came to love the Tree as much as her family.


When I passed  by this afternoon, the tree was gone, her life over, with only a lovely stump left to show us that she had loved us in return. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a heart shaped stump before.

18 Mar 2015

Tea and Sea

What am I going to do when our friends go home and my birthday celebrations come to an end? Walking in the world has been quite an adventure these past couple of months, and the excitement isn’t quite over yet.


Today we drove out to the Tiptree Jam Factory for their special Afternoon Tea (with Prosecco):


Afterwards we wandered out along the River Blackwater to  stretch our legs and enjoy the view from the little village of Tollesbury. The tide was out, but the boats were colourful.


See the red boat in the background? That’s a Lightship, a floating lighthouse used to warn of navigational hazards and sandbanks.


And closer to the road, these unusual Sail Lofts provide space for painting and maintenance of the huge canvas sails used on the Thames barges.


17 Mar 2015

Doing the Maths


Just wondering…  How many steps does it take to cancel out the calories in one gluten-free pizza? One nice walk through Rayleigh plus one good friend and a leisurely lunch  adds up to a great day out!

16 Mar 2015

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