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Monthly Archives: March 2015

From Crazy to Calm

Tuesdays get crazy in my life. Mondays feel exciting and full of potential,  but the reality of the week’s work always hits hard on Tuesdays. I enjoy walking to work on those evenings, especially if, like today, it is the…

31 Mar 2015

Letting My Fingers Do the Walking

Sometimes life gets in the way of regular practices. I am taking a few days off to attend to some personal matters, but will be back to both walking and blogging next week. Until then I will be walking some…

27 Mar 2015

Spring Colour

My birthday adventures are officially over and I've landed back at home. I feel celebrated, loved, and happy to be alive and walking in the world! And while I've been off gallivanting, spring has crept into the neighbourhood, brightening my…

25 Mar 2015


After Lea left for the airport, I decided to take advantage of a free day in London by making a personal pilgrimage to Kensington. Like many Americans, I’m fascinated by Britain’s royalty, especially our two longest reigning monarchs, Queen Victoria…

24 Mar 2015

Urban Wandering

There is nothing like a bit of wandering to help you get the measure of a place. I have been wandering around London whenever possible for the past 15 years, a full 25% of my life. While London is only…

22 Mar 2015

Geek Quest

My inner geek has had a field day today. We came into London on the train, checked into our hotel, then headed out in search of notebooks, journals, and stationery supplies. Seriously, there is some cool stuff out there,  and…

20 Mar 2015

Spring’s Gentle Glory

A lovely walk through Thundersley today, enjoying the early signs of spring that are bursting into gentle glory. Even our table at Pignalis seemed to get into the mood…  we lingered so long over cups of herbal tea that we…

19 Mar 2015

Tree Love

Once upon a time a Tree was so loved that when it came time to put a little brick wall around its garden,  the owners left a break in the wall so as not to disturb the tree. Over the…

18 Mar 2015

Tea and Sea

What am I going to do when our friends go home and my birthday celebrations come to an end? Walking in the world has been quite an adventure these past couple of months, and the excitement isn’t quite over yet….

17 Mar 2015

Doing the Maths

Just wondering…  How many steps does it take to cancel out the calories in one gluten-free pizza? One nice walk through Rayleigh plus one good friend and a leisurely lunch  adds up to a great day out!

16 Mar 2015

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