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Travel Day

We covered many miles yesterday, driving around London on the M25 to the new and improved Heathrow Terminal 2 (wow, I still can’t believe we enjoyed our time at that airport!), then flying up to Stockholm. The only glitch in our day was that we essentially followed the storm that drenched us in England yesterday, so we arrived in pouring rain. As it was an afternoon of meetings and tour preparations, we were inside the whole day, so the rain wasn’t really a problem.

Walking? I fell just short of my step goal just by traipsing the airports and doing the local errands. Not bad! Our room looks out into a bit of woodland, so I am hoping that today’s walk will at least feel a bit more rural.

Our Swedish Labyrinth Tour kicks off this evening with dinner in our suprpisingly lovely hotel restaurant. If last night’s meal is anything to go by (and why wouldn’t it be?), we should get off to a great start!

31 May 2015



We are off to Sweden tomorrow to meet up with a group of labyrinth enthusiasts for a visit to Gotland, an island in the middle of the Baltic which has been home to labyrinths for centuries. My walks in the coming week should be quite interesting, and I’ve been looking forward to this adventure for months! Today, however, was a long day of errands and more errands, though we did manage to walk through our local garden center for a bit of calming relaxation while we waited for our car to be washed.

29 May 2015

Woodland Friends


The woods at Hanningfield Reservoir Nature Reserve have become home to some familiar and beloved woodland characters, and we met them all on our walk this morning! Badger, Ratty, Toad and all the rest were oh-so-wiling to meet their adoring audience of school children and their parents.


Wouldn’t you just love to know what they’re saying to each other?WiW Sign




28 May 2015

Wildflower Garden


It’s impossible to walk past this garden without smiling! The California poppies I photographed last week have been joined by their European cousins, Papaveroideae, and a host of colourful friends.

27 May 2015

Floral Abundance


Lovely! The peony (Paeonia) certainly brightens the world, doesn’t it? This lush bloom is named after Paeon, a student of Asclepius, the Greek god of healing. When Asclepius became jealous of his pupil, Zeus saved Paeon from the wrath of his teacher by turning him into the peony flower. Today peonies symbolize wealth and honour, and are considered to be omens of good fortune and happy marriages.

I wonder if my neighbours ever peek out their windows to watch me photograph their gardens? They probably just think I’m strange, but I secretly hope that maybe, just maybe, they are pleased that someone appreciates the beauty they have so carefully cultivated.

26 May 2015

Smell the Roses


We have some fantastic gardeners in our neighbourbood, people who surround their homes with foreign poppies, Nessie hedges, and seasonal blooms that take my breath away. Roses are blooming now, so the sun-warmed air was filled with their perfume as I walked to the village this morning. I can smell these yellow roses from half a block away, and always look forward to their seasonal arrival.

25 May 2015

Catching Up


The Mexican Kitchen van and an evening of good food with good friends last Friday — it was a perfect start to a quiet weekend of catching up on both rest and work! Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it out for a nice long walk in the woods. We leave to lead our Sweden tour at the end of this week, so we are in overdrive at this point, and I’m grateful for this blog which urges me out the door and into the world, and also for the flexibility to work through those urgings when necessity demands it of me!

24 May 2015

Royalty Walked Here!



Hadleigh Castle can be bleak in the winter, but come spring when the sun comes out and the wind dies down, it is one of the loveliest places in England. The walk out is a beautiful one, the path through the trees is lined with Queen Ann’s Lace before opening up to stunning views of sky, water, and imagination. Royalty walked here! It’s easy to see why King Edward III identified this as an important place to build a castle — whoever held the castle  commanded the estuary and, therefore, the riverway into London.


The walls are fairly child-friendly, and everyone can enjoy imagining a long-ago time and life while wandering amongst the remains of the castle’s rooms and towers.

Photo Credit: Emma Anderson

21 May 2015

A California Immigrant


California poppies, Eschscholzia californica… these golden beauties are a touch of home-away-from-home for me, and always evoke a flood of memories. As a child I was taught that our state flowers were special, and never to be picked. I have always appreciated their seasonal appearance, but never more so than since I’ve been living here in England. They’re rare here, to be sure, but one of our neighbours tends his large poppy garden carefully, and every spring they cast their golden glow onto my regular walking route into the village. The sun was playing hide-and-seek again today, but it came out just in time to light up the edges of the garden as I walked to work this evening.

20 May 2015

A Sky Filled with Colour


After an unexpectedly nice morning, some really dark skies brought us loud thunderclaps and brilliant rainbows late this afternoon. As today was a work day, this was the view from our office window.

19 May 2015

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