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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Walking with Big Red

I’m a bona fide gadget queen who has wanted a red laptop for a long time, and this seems to be the year that I’m finally galloping away from basic black techno-gadgets. My new phone (for photographing my walks) is…

28 Aug 2015

Colourful London

August is flying past. My creative spark has been reignited, and my energy has been pulled away from my computer and towards my wool, beads, art supplies, and interesting projects. Today, though, I went into London with a friend and managed…

27 Aug 2015

Cold Coffee!

Pinaglis has added frappucinos to their menu, and Neal was willing to go one step further and make me cold coffee over ice. Just espresso, no milk. That just isn’t really done over here, but it is my favourite drink….

22 Aug 2015

Life, Death, & Art

  Our wandering took us to a favourite place today, the Watts Chapel and Gallery in Compton. For me, this is a place of pilgrimage on many levels. There are labyrinths and pilgrim crosses to be seen, great (gluten free)…

20 Aug 2015

The Dengie

In direct contrast to my trip to London a couple of days ago, we drove out to the Dengie today. A peninsula on the Essex coast that lies between two rivers, the Blackwater and the Crouch, the Dengie is always…

19 Aug 2015

Welcome to Rayleigh

Coming from a part of the world where public transport is nearly non-existent, I marvel at what we have here in Britain. We live between two different train lines, either of which can deliver us to central London in less…

18 Aug 2015

Lovely London!

London is just up the road from us, but it usually takes an out-of-town visitor to lure me into the city. Today I met up with good friends from the US for a day of gentle wandering and exploration. The…

17 Aug 2015

Wonky Bear

I’ve been moving in deep waters this week, struggling to balance my internal and external realities. Some days I’ve had words, other days images, but the two just haven’t come together in coherent form. Nothing’s wrong. I got glutened last weekend (gluten…

15 Aug 2015

Holy Ground

Another splendid morning that begged us to enjoy a bit of exploration as we ran our usual errands. Holy Trinity Church stands at the top of the High Street in Rayleigh, watching over the town as it has for centuries. There has been a church…

10 Aug 2015

Summer Morning

Southern England is quite beautiful at the moment, with sunny days, deep blue skies, and glorious flowers. As we had to do a few errands in Rayleigh early this morning, I took advantage of being out and about and went for…

07 Aug 2015

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