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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Farewell to 2015

As we’ve done for the past several years, we are cozied in with our granddaughter, Lucy, to celebrate New Year’s Eve in our own quiet way. She arrives in the afternoon, we eat pizza for dinner, and usually fall asleep well…

31 Dec 2015

Quiet Days

The days are short now. I’m feeling a bit better, but not yet ready to be out and about, so we’re settling into a quiet routine, enjoying our Christmas decorations and the snugness of our home. We’ve been collecting ornaments since the…

30 Dec 2015

Remembering Joyce Long

Thundersley said goodbye to an amazing resident this morning. Joyce Long made a momentous decision many years ago when her husband was ill and our local hospital lacked the equipment needed for his treatment. This classy lady began fundraising to…

29 Dec 2015

Duvet Days

The time between Christmas and New Year are traditionally my time for moving in an inward direction, and my body has compelled me to follow that theme again this year. I’ve been felled with an infection, and am spending the…

28 Dec 2015


For unto us, a child is born… Spotted at the top of Rayleigh High Street Happy Christmas, one and all!

25 Dec 2015

O Holy Night

Chriatmas Eve, my favourite day of the year, when we slow our pace to imagine what is possible, a night when we open our hearts to the miracles of Birth and Light. O holy night! The stars are brightly shining…

24 Dec 2015

Shop Local!

We love our local shops and try to support them whenever we can. One of our seasonal traditions is to go to Rayleigh to pick up a Christmasy box of Essex apples to share over the holidays. And while we were…

23 Dec 2015

The End of an Era

Sixty years ago, Audrey and Peter fell in love and began to build a new house together on land that was already in Peter’s family. When the house was finished, they got married, moved in, and subsequently raised their family…

22 Dec 2015

Solstice Blessings

We approach Christmas slowly in our house. The advent calendar comes out first, then the candles and the nativity sets, but we save the Christmas tree until Solstice so that its light can help us welcome the return of the…

21 Dec 2015

Seasonal Sighting

Walking down the road, this was lying right in the middle of my Path…. a gift! Or rather, the announcement of a gift just waiting to be found. There weren’t any lottery tickets attached, but as I carried the image of…

20 Dec 2015

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