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Magic from My Happy Place


I’m taking a perverse pride in the fact that I have burned out the motor on my old food processor. I’ve hated the thing from Day One, but it was too durable to die quickly, even under my the duress of my punishing projects (particularly my raw nut butters). In the end, I trounced it — but the down side is that I’ve had to select and shell out for a new one.

Today was the day. After a week of internet research, we headed to Potters Cookshop in Hockley to pick up my new kitchen toy(s). I know it’s silly, but Potters is one of my reliable Happy Places, and I’m as apt to go there for a good wander as I am for an occasional splurge, enjoying the cool gadgets, colourful cookware, and superb customer service that make this small independent shop the award-winning experience that it is. Ali (pictured above) is always smiling, always super-helpful, and she has a cabinet of awards to prove that I’m not the only one who thinks she’s terrific. (She didn’t even blink an eye when I once asked her to find me a whoopie pie pan…)


As one who believes deeply in the power of kitchen alchemy, I value the tools that help me work my magic because healthy food is vital to my mental and physical well-being, and is my primary creative outlet these days. Thanks, Potters, for giving me good days out and helping me stock my kitchen! I’ll be putting my new food processor to good use – even if it almost bigger than my tiny kitchen….

I’m in love.

30 Jun 2016

New Steps


I’m back! In all senses of the word. I’m back from my travels, back to walking, back to writing. And starting to climb back from the dark hole into which I was plunged when Britain voted in favour of Brexit last week.

Coming back from somewhere almost always means change, and I’ve certainly been changing over the course of this past winter and spring. As I told you in my last post, I’ve learned so much from my daily blogs and I want to take those lessons forward. I want to keep the spontaneity, the immediacy, the informal voice… but I also want to start going deeper. I want to reveal more of who I am, what I’ve learned, and how I feel – because that’s what showing up in the world is really all about. I’m not sure exactly how to go about doing it, but I’m sure I’ll find my way once I cross the threshold and start down the path.

And I’m doing that now!

Wikimedia CommonsSo, why a photo of a safety pin? I read about a kindness campaign last night that really touched my heart. The author put some things into words so nicely and has suggested a small and friendly step that any/all of us can take to encourage peace and safety in our communities. (Read about it here. It is not just for Brits!) In a nutshell, I am wearing a safety pin as a notice to the world that I am a safe person who believes in cultural diversity. The campaign asks people to wear an empty safety pin as a badge to symbolise solidarity against racism, letting any potential targets know that the wearer is a friendly face. No slogans, no words. Just kind hearts revealing themselves as they walk in the world together and separately. Let’s spread the word. #safetypin

It’s good to be back. I’ve missed you all! I won’t always be this deep because walking should be fun… but what walker can deny that their walking time is also their best thinking time?


29 Jun 2016

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