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Monthly Archives: September 2016

An Essex Gem

While I was working on Tuesday evening, my sweetie was planning a Big Day Out to take advantage of Wednesday’s predicted good weather, probably one of the last warm days of 2016. Once the schools traffic had died down we drove out…

29 Sep 2016

Vanessa atalanta

Summer is drawing to a close so we won’t be seeing many more of these little beauties this year, but we’ve found this Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) huddled outside our office window several times lately, just out of camera…

27 Sep 2016

Layers of Pilgrimage

I didn’t mean to be a tease. When I last posted, I was heading off on pilgrimage, full of intentions to blog my journey. Oh when am I going to learn? Pilgrimage inevitably takes on a life of its own…

26 Sep 2016

New Friends, Old Stories

We are having a wonderful journey, deeply profound for both of us,  on many levels. We arrived in Vaplan, Sweden, yesterday afternoon. Lisa’s father was born here, and is obviously still well regarded and deeply loved, and his family is…

02 Sep 2016

Setting Forth

Another adventure begins! Jeff and I drove around the dreaded M25 to rendezvous with my long-time pilgrimage companion, Lisa Moriarty. Jeff will keep the home fires burning while Lisa and I head off on a multifaceted pilgrimage to Sweden and…

01 Sep 2016

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