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Magic from My Happy Place

I’m taking a perverse pride in the fact that I have burned out the motor on my old food processor. I’ve hated the thing from Day One, but it was too durable to die quickly, even under my the duress…

30 Jun 2016

A Proper Village Fayre

Thundersley did itself proud this afternoon. Friends and neighbours gathered to celebrate the season and wish each other well as shopkeepers welcomed us with open doors and festive food and drink. Jenny the Donkey came to see the children. Father Christmas was…

18 Dec 2015

Windy Basildon

After yesterday’s sunny ramble along the coastal footpath, today we braved the crowds of shoppers in Basildon as we finished off the last bit of Christmas shopping. Jeff’s reward? A sausage from the German Sausage Windmill, of course!

10 Dec 2015

Meat & Two Veg

Hadleigh’s greengrocer and butcher shop always has a nice array of seasonal treats. I walked up from Thundersley to meet a friend for coffee this morning and took a bit of time on the way home to see what was on…

10 Nov 2015

Knit & Natter

The Noise Arts Festival is taking place all week here in Thundersley, and today Bodkins hosted a free Knit & Natter taster session for anyone wanting to pick up needles and wool and have a go. Seven of us crowded…

28 Oct 2015

Thundersley in Pink

Breast cancer affects us all. This week, Thundersley is decked out in pink to increase awareness of the disease and hopefully encourage donations to the Lady McAdden Breast Screening Trust. I’m feeling very proud of my community today! (If you…

26 Oct 2015

Hatfield House Revisited

We don’t know how many more perfectly autumnal days we’re going to have this year, so we took advantage of the weather and our willing house guest to make the trek to Hatfield House and the adjacent palace and gardens. We…

26 Sep 2015

Colourful London

August is flying past. My creative spark has been reignited, and my energy has been pulled away from my computer and towards my wool, beads, art supplies, and interesting projects. Today, though, I went into London with a friend and managed…

27 Aug 2015

Girls’ Day Out

Yes, I realise that today’s photo is rather uninspired and you may well wonder what it has to do with walking, but that’s because I was having too good a time to bother with photos – this is one I…

16 Jul 2015

Local Gore

Wandering through a back street in Rayleigh on my way to pick up my new glasses this morning, I spotted an old remnant of days gone by. This trade sign is widely recognized as a barber pole, and dates back to the Middle…

01 May 2015

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