Walking in the World


Great Socks of Love

Candy corn is a contentious subject- you love it or you hate it, and rarely is anyone happy to agree to disagree. I love it, a fondness I owe to my dad – or so the story goes. As I…

31 Oct 2016

The Church on the Hill

St. Peter’s Church in Thundersley always looks disappointingly modern to me, but it is actually quite old and definitely stands on ground that has been holy since ancient times. The original church, dedicated to St. Michael, was built in 1120,…

16 Jan 2016

The End of an Era

Sixty years ago, Audrey and Peter fell in love and began to build a new house together on land that was already in Peter’s family. When the house was finished, they got married, moved in, and subsequently raised their family…

22 Dec 2015


Beachcombing runs in the Saward family. While I walked along the seawall this morning, Jeff and our granddaughter, Lucy, shuffled along at the edge of the water, looking for (and finding) shells and fossils. From my vantage point, I could…

11 Oct 2015

Barbecue Weather

No matter where you are in the world. there’s nothing quite like a Saturday barbecue with good friends. The long hours of daylight here at 51° North make for some lovely summer evenings, though I must say it got a little…

19 Jul 2015

Birthday Treats

The rains that were predicted for the weekend never really materialized, so yesterday afternoon we admired the flowers and gardens that are growing and changing day by day as we walked through the village en route to a Very Special Birthday Party….

10 May 2015

Tracking the Gruffalo

We started this year as we mean to go on…. with a walk into the wild

01 Jan 2015

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