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Raiders of the Lost Carp

He sits in the tree at the bottom of the garden like an angel on top of a Christmas tree, right at the top, watching. His prey is our neighbour’s koi carp, so his menace is real – but it’s…

10 Nov 2016

Autumn on Wallasea

Sometimes we don’t have to wander far to find lovely and unusual landscapes. We have been watching the the transformation of Wallasea Island for the past several years as the sea has been allowed to breach the sea defenses in…

27 Oct 2016

Vanessa atalanta

Summer is drawing to a close so we won’t be seeing many more of these little beauties this year, but we’ve found this Red Admiral butterfly (Vanessa atalanta) huddled outside our office window several times lately, just out of camera…

27 Sep 2016

Dragonfly Drop-in

We have a new friend who likes to spend his afternoons hunting small flies and basking in our garden. We’ve been enjoying a few days of Real Summer weather this week, with temperatures in the 80’s, which makes the garden a…

26 Aug 2016

Gardening with Friends

Jeff kindly takes care of our gardening for us –  I think  he sees it as a chance to commute with his critterly comrades! This Oak Bush cricket was keeping him company this afternoon as he was clipping back a…

15 Aug 2016

Day is Done

While I was teaching last night, Jeff went to watch the day sink into night….

20 Jul 2016

Garden Nuts

We’ve been watching these little fellas grow outside our kitchen window. It won’t be long before the squirrels find them and make off with their treasure, but for now we’re enjoying their weirdness, and the novelty of seeing them so…

06 Jul 2016

Winter Mothering

February is a month of many birthdays in our family, so my mind is naturally drawn to the winter mothering that has taken place down through our generations. I always greet the neighbourhood horses as I pass by on my walks,…

16 Feb 2016

Winter Gardens

Our wildlife-friendly back garden is the reason we have so many guests at this time of year. It is a wild garden… it may never win any awards from Gardener’s World, but our local critters seem to appreciate Jeff’s attentiveness…

11 Jan 2016

Morning Visitor

Sometimes, if you don’t go out into the world, the world comes to you. This little lady, a hawfinch, showed up in our garden this morning, much to Jeff’s delight — he’s convinced that he’s the first birder to find one…

06 Jan 2016

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