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A Taste of Italy

We couldn’t resist. The Italian Food Market came back to Rayleigh yesterday, and we wanted to soak up the feast of food, accents, and conviviality. We’ll be back in Italy in a few weeks, so we saw this as an…

20 Nov 2016

A Taste-full Labyrinth

We spotted another labyrinth from the comforts of our living room the other day, this one a tasty invention featured on the BBC technology show Click last weekend. Apparently this chocolate labyrinth was created with a 3D printer – a…

05 Aug 2016

Winter Gardens

Our wildlife-friendly back garden is the reason we have so many guests at this time of year. It is a wild garden… it may never win any awards from Gardener’s World, but our local critters seem to appreciate Jeff’s attentiveness…

11 Jan 2016

Shop Local!

We love our local shops and try to support them whenever we can. One of our seasonal traditions is to go to Rayleigh to pick up a Christmasy box of Essex apples to share over the holidays. And while we were…

23 Dec 2015

Long Days

Busy. Busy. By this evening we only had enough energy left to stop in at the local  takeaway… A grilled chicken breast and salad for me and a bit of everything for Jeff. Felt pretty good to let someone else…

17 Dec 2015

Christmas Coffee

  We made a little holiday pilgrimage to Squires in Rayleigh this afternoon. Squires is a delightful little coffee and tea shop on the High Street that serves more interesting brews than anywhere else in the area, and does it in…

14 Dec 2015


Like almost everyone, we are busy little elves these days, shopping, cleaning, wrapping, celebrating– well, you know how it is… One thing that I will freely admit is that I’ve enjoyed seeing the upswing in gluten-free Christmas treats this year….

13 Dec 2015

Stay-at-Home Sunday

We woke up to sunshine and blue skies today, with just a hint of an autumnal nip in the air…. a perfect day for doing a few garden garden jobs and working on a few projects here at home. This lovely Speckled…

06 Sep 2015


I didn’t walk very far today, only enough to do a few errands in and around the village. Fortunately, though, my friend Emma went into London where she did a whole lot of walking… then showed up on my doorstep with these…

04 Sep 2015

Cold Coffee!

Pinaglis has added frappucinos to their menu, and Neal was willing to go one step further and make me cold coffee over ice. Just espresso, no milk. That just isn’t really done over here, but it is my favourite drink….

22 Aug 2015

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