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We Will Remember

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. We will remember. (Button memorial in St. Martin’s Church, Little Waltham, Essex)

11 Nov 2016

Southend After Dark

The nights are drawing in but the weather has been dry, so we’ve wanted to be out and about. Last night we had a wander along Southend seafront to enjoy the lights without the crowds. Never Never Land was a…

04 Nov 2016


Leaving Paglesham the other day, we were happy and full, but we still didn’t feel quite done with our day. Not far away is St. Andrews church in Ashingdon, set up on a hill overlooking the fields and marshes –…

29 Oct 2016

An Essex Gem

While I was working on Tuesday evening, my sweetie was planning a Big Day Out to take advantage of Wednesday’s predicted good weather, probably one of the last warm days of 2016. Once the schools traffic had died down we drove out…

29 Sep 2016

Ancient House

I’ve lived in England for quite a while now, but I’m still not past the thrill of seeing something like this when I’m walking down the street. We visited Ipswich again last week, and en route to our favourite restaurant…

23 Mar 2016

Hatfield House Revisited

We don’t know how many more perfectly autumnal days we’re going to have this year, so we took advantage of the weather and our willing house guest to make the trek to Hatfield House and the adjacent palace and gardens. We…

26 Sep 2015

Silent Street

  The internet is a wonderful thing! (Obviously, or this blog wouldn’t exist…) After my post about our morning in Ipswich, a reader did a bit of research and sent me an update on the naming of Silent Street. Now why…

18 Sep 2015

Ancient Ipswich

We had an appointment in Ipswich this morning which gave us the chance to have lunch and explore the old town for a bit. Located on the estuary of the River Orwell, Ipswich is one of the oldest towns in…

15 Sep 2015

Long to Reign Over Us

At approximately 5:30 this afternoon, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history, outliving her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria. At her request, the celebrations have been low-key, but the day has been well marked, and I’ve…

09 Sep 2015

The Dengie

In direct contrast to my trip to London a couple of days ago, we drove out to the Dengie today. A peninsula on the Essex coast that lies between two rivers, the Blackwater and the Crouch, the Dengie is always…

19 Aug 2015

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