Walking in the World


Evening Sky

As seen from from our office window… I love how April evenings say good night to the world!

01 Apr 2017

First Hints of Spring

Our first crocus of 2017 appeared on my birthday….
Spring IS going to come again!

Fair-handed Spring unbosoms every grace; throws out the snowdrop and the crocus first.
– James Thomson

21 Feb 2017

January Chill

We have been waking up to icy weather conditions this week, and we can’t help but marvel at the icy artistry of Mother Nature. Jeff snapped this photo of the icy stream coming out of the cliffs at Barrow Brook on the Isle of Sheppey yesterday while I stayed home warming myself by the fire.

I am clearly not the only one choosing to keep my feet warm. This medieval depiction of January is found in the Castello dei Conti de Ceccano which we visited when we were in Italy last month. I feel such an affinity for the guy!

23 Jan 2017

A Ton of Wood


We’re getting ready for winter. We’ve converted the old WW2 brick bomb shelter in our back garden into a woodshed and stacked it to the ceiling with fire supplies to keep us warm whatever comes. Some years are mild, others more cruel, but either way, we rank staying cosy as a high priority. We’ve got kindling, coal, and logs…. all we need now is a bowl of chestnuts for roasting!


12 Oct 2016

Come, Spring

  We really needed the sunshiny beauty that was yesterday. I loved every minute of my walk through our neighbourhood. Spring was busting out, and all of nature seemed to be reaching for the heavens.

26 Mar 2016

Walking Again


I have to admit that it’s been nice to surrender to the cold and just stay indoors the past few weeks. But today the sun was out, and I could hear my walking shoes calling to me. With the steadily lengthening days my thoughts are starting to turn to spring adventures and journeys, and as those plans start falling into place, I feel more like walking myself back into shape. On this morning’s walk, I was greeted by little signs of spring poking up in neighbouring gardens.


10 Feb 2016



My January disappeared into a soft blur of homey activities. In a barely visible sort of way, I got a lot of things done here at home to set me up for tackling some of my bigger 2016 goals. January is often like that for me, a time of natural inwardness. I didn’t much want to go out walking in the world; my whole body felt lethargic and slow-moving, and I was happy to give in to the inclination to stay home and putter around my nest, sorting and clearing, cooking and cleaning. Now, with February’s arrival, I feel my energy stirring and my creative juices beginning to flow.

Although we had one cold week, we’ve not had snow, nor have we suffered from the storms that have battered other parts of Britain. Our gardens aren’t sure what to think about the weather… and I had the distinct feeling that these daffodils were giggling as I walked past them this morning.

Daffodowndilly has come to town,
in a yellow petticoat and a green gown.
~  Traditional Rhyme

01 Feb 2016

Harbingers of Spring


January is drawing to a close and we’re already enjoying some harbingers of spring. We have dozens of blooms poking up in our back garden, and today’s cheery sunshine is warming my soul.

Fair-handed Spring unbosoms every grace; throws out the snowdrop and the crocus first.
– James Thomson

28 Jan 2016

Solstice Blessings


We approach Christmas slowly in our house. The advent calendar comes out first, then the candles and the nativity sets, but we save the Christmas tree until Solstice so that its light can help us welcome the return of the Light.

Happy Solstice!

The winter solstice has always been special to me as a barren darkness that gives birth to a verdant future beyond imagination…
– Gary Zukav

21 Dec 2015

December Rose


We might only be a couple of weeks away from the winter solstice, but our mild weather is throwing up a few surprises… we found a wild rose still in bloom alongside the rose hips one would normally expect to see at this time of year. This week, this year, I willingly embrace beauty wherever it is found!

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.
James M. Barrie

04 Dec 2015

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