Walking in the World


September Sunshine

Our rainy morning gave way to glorious sunshine this afternoon. I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to show you the real highlight of my walk, but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I passed several people carrying litter-pickers and…

12 Sep 2015

Long to Reign Over Us

At approximately 5:30 this afternoon, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch in British history, outliving her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria. At her request, the celebrations have been low-key, but the day has been well marked, and I’ve…

09 Sep 2015

Signs of the Season

Our local footpaths lead through woodland that is incredibly lush at this time of year… this one is a shortcut leading to Thundersley Common. Although the sky was darkening, I risked the possibility of rain and walked over to visit…

02 Sep 2015

Because it’s September

September! Perhaps it was because I spent so many (many) years as a student that September will always mean back-to-school, even when I have no formal school to go back to. New books. Shiny pens. Fresh goals. High excitement. Crisp apples. I’m…

01 Sep 2015

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