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Behind the Scenes

We were out early Tuesday morning, before any sunlight made its way into the churchyard in Rayleigh. Cold, but appropriately wintry. Despite the chill, it was nice to take a bit of a detour so we could walk through the familiar old churchyard. For the first time this year, I was really aware of the light that morning. By the time I woke up, the sky was already beginning to lighten. The earth is stirring… as am I.

We’ve accomplished a long-time dream this week and launched the Labyrinthos Blog – a site specifically focused on the incredible labyrinth-themed information, photos and archive items that that cross our desks here in Labyrinthos HQ. We’ve been working long hours in our back-to-back desk chairs, clicking on our keyboards, cursing at our frustrations, but generally enjoying the experience of seeing some plans come together. In addition to my work on the Labyrinthos Blog website, Jeff is giving the official Labyrinthos website a complete overhaul, which is, of course, a painstakingly tedious task. It feels vitally important to be bringing our online presence into line with modern technology. We have so many wonderful things in our tiny little office that we want to share!

I have finally gotten some clarity on how my three websites/blogs can work together. Up to now, I have subscribed to a my-blog-my-rules philosophy, and have put authentic expression above clarity for my readers- a writing style that has been incredibly rewarding for me, but perhaps a little confusing to search engines and some readers. In my head, however, I’ve been been playing with new ideas for organizing and presenting my eclectic interests and passions – and I finally have a plan! Walking in the World will continue to showcase daily (quotidien) life, discussing whatever I find as I explore the world around me. Sometimes that will be my local community, the stuff of the Backyard Pilgrim, and other times it will give you an inside look at the amazing places we go as part of our labyrinth work. Eclectic, spontaneous, spiritual in an earthy and grounded sort of way. Footprints, pilgrimages, and hand-knitted socks. I want to show you my ‘Quotiediens’ as well as my ‘Cathedral Moments,’ and introduce you to the amazing people I meet along the way. I’m not even going to try to post every day, but I promise you some good stories, told from the heart and hopefully some good companionship.

My other website, Ariadne’s Thread, has been patiently waiting in the background for the past two years while I’ve focused on Walking in the World, but Ariadne’s stirring restlessly now, and I’m sensing a major change for that blog. I’m not going to give away the surprise, but watch this space in the coming weeks!

All three blogs/sites will have different email notification lists, so please have a good browse and sign up for the posts that you want to receive. Naturally I hope you’ll opt for all three – of course I do! But whatever you choose, thanks for joining me on the Path.

09 Feb 2017

Pilgrims Walk

We love Canterbury; it’s an old city that never disappoints, no matter what the purpose for our visit. Our primary reason for this trip was to stay with a colleague who is also dear friend. We are all busy people, so most of our visits are built on business meetings with our friendship growing up in between the items on our respective agendas. This visit, however, worked in reverse. We were invited to come just for the fun of it, and while we were there we indulged in a bit of labyrinth walking and community building simply because that is what we all love doing.


After a lovely lunch, we headed out along a portion of the old Pilgrimage Way heading towards Canterbury Christ Church University where we met up with Sonia Overall, a writer and walker who was instrumental in getting a labyrinth mown into the grass in one of the university gardens. The 7-circuit labyrinth is quite stunning, and I’m sure it will become well-loved and oft-walked over the course of the spring and summer.

Christchurch Labyrinth

As I walked the sweeping paths, I felt myself deepen. I love the feeling of losing track on my place on the path, surrendering to the rhythm of simply placing one foot after the other. It is in that place of non-vigilance that I often hear my own voice welling up from within. It is there that I am most able to touch my writerly soul. Poetry arranges itself in my head, essays find new direction, words dance with fresh partners.


After coffee, we wandered through the University bookstore where I quickly located a shelf of Sonia’s books, including this one which insisted on coming home with me. I feel inspired. Energized. Companioned.


And from there we headed through old neighbourhoods where wit and history combined to tell an ageless story, and in my next post I will share our evening walk down into the old walled city with its spectacular cathedral that has drawn pilgrims to its heart for centuries.



24 Feb 2016

Pilgrim’s Delight

We are on our way to Scotland, and our day was a pilgrim’s delight — beautiful weather, good companionship (each other!) and three distinct and meaningful destinations:


Our first stop was at Wing to walk their little turf labyrinth on the edge of the village green.


From there we headed north to Brontë Country where we headed directly for the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth, an amazing and beautifully curated exhibition on the lives of the Brontë family. My highlight? Seeing the table where both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights were penned. Unfortunately, they didn’t permit photography inside the parsonage.

We later checked into Oakwood Hall Hotel just outside Bingley, a place we had simply booked online just before we left home. Imagine or surprise when we found this stunning listed building with all its original features still intact, including a set of stained glass windows by William Morris. MorrisWindow

I thought Jeff was going to faint, and we both particularly enjoyed the pilgrimage reference of the Chaucer window.


What a wonderful start to our 2015 Scotland adventure!

13 Jun 2015

Woodland Friends


The woods at Hanningfield Reservoir Nature Reserve have become home to some familiar and beloved woodland characters, and we met them all on our walk this morning! Badger, Ratty, Toad and all the rest were oh-so-wiling to meet their adoring audience of school children and their parents.


Wouldn’t you just love to know what they’re saying to each other?WiW Sign




28 May 2015

It’s My Day


Today is World Stationery Day – the holiday with my name on it!


For me, happiness has always been a new pen, a notebook, some glue, inks, paperclips, or what have you. If it is sold in a stationery store, I’m almost guaranteed to love it. I celebrated by making a pilgrimage to my local stationery/art shop with a favourite enabler friend. I stop in there whenever I need a fix, and never come out empty-handed.


I only bought a few little treats today, but I’m happy to say that my stash is increasing, and on the first of May I’ll be launching a new art journal designed to travel with me through Sweden and Scotland in coming months. It’s part of the Notebook Project which is growing on my desk and in my psyche at the moment. I’ll be sharing details with my WriterlySoul Facebook group if anyone wants to watch it evolve.


And didn’t I say that today is my day? Look what showed up at Bodkins this evening – amazing red velvet belated-birthday cupcakes, gluten-free and lovingly baked, served with old vine French wine and a whole lot of love! I really am enjoying the best – and longest – birthday ever!


Happy Stationery Day, everyone! Go treat yourself to a new pen and some nice paper and Get Writing!


29 Apr 2015

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