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Walking in the World

Red Icons

Red pillar boxes, red buses, red phone boxes… are they red so they show up on dark days? Through fog and mist? I don’t know. But whatever the reason for the colour, spotting the bright iconic boxes and buses, no…

10 Jan 2015


It was already getting dark by 4:30 this afternoon when I was walking home from the village. There is something timeless about being out just as day gives way to night, and lights come on one by one.

09 Jan 2015

Shadow Play

The slant of the winter sun creates trees out of light, air, and brick… magic!

08 Jan 2015

A Rose in Winter

Although the days are short and the weather bleak, our winter has been fairly gentle thus far, as evidenced by this small brave rose, a touch of colour and hope amongst the dead leaves. Tradition has it that a rose in…

07 Jan 2015

Tea Shop Rendezvous

My walk into the village this morning took me directly to Pinaglis Tea Room, where I am always made to feel welcome with wonderful coffee and gluten-free goodies! (Fair disclaimer: I didn’t actually indulge in the goodies today, but I was certainly…

06 Jan 2015

Seasonal Wildlife

Not all the seasonal decorations are gone yet; these deer are still bringing a bit of cheer to the bleakness of January as they graze in the neighbourhood.

05 Jan 2015

Well and Truly January

Today is exactly why I made my walking resolution and started this blog – or more precisely, today’s weather is why I need public motivation to get me out and walking. The weather was just cold enough to leave icy…

04 Jan 2015

New Year, New Bodkins

Those of you who see me on other blogs or circles, or who know me personally, will be aware of my love of woolly things and my passion for using sticks and hooks to create fabrics out of threads and yarns. For…

02 Jan 2015

Tracking the Gruffalo

We started this year as we mean to go on…. with a walk into the wild

01 Jan 2015

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