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Walking in the World

An Unexpected Read

Little Free Library

I didn’t want to go for a walk today. Seriously. I’m busy here at home, and it is warmer inside than out, so I really didn’t want to go out. But a promise is a promise, so I donned hat and coat and gloves and headed off for a quick dash around the block, reasoning that it wouldn’t take long but would be enough to tick the box. And I’m so glad I did! Look at this little cubby… it’s every reader’s dream! A stack of books on a street corner, just waiting for a good home and an enquiring mind. Which is where I come in…

Unless (Carol Shields)

Part of the Little Free Library project, there were books for all ages and interests crammed into that tiny box, including Unless by Carol Shields, which I have been waiting to read for quite some time. And I have several books ready to drop off in return when I go past tomorrow.

Little Free Library

11 Jan 2015

Red Icons

Post Box

Red pillar boxes, red buses, red phone boxes… are they red so they show up on dark days? Through fog and mist? I don’t know. But whatever the reason for the colour, spotting the bright iconic boxes and buses, no matter the weather, always makes my heart smile with recognition and romance, reminding me that I’m really in England! This letterbox is in our local neighbourhood, considerately placed for easy posting.

10 Jan 2015


Lamp postIt was already getting dark by 4:30 this afternoon when I was walking home from the village.
There is something timeless about being out just as day gives way to night, and lights come on one by one.

09 Jan 2015

Shadow Play


The slant of the winter sun creates trees out of light, air, and brick… magic!

08 Jan 2015

A Rose in Winter


Although the days are short and the weather bleak, our winter has been fairly gentle thus far, as evidenced by this small brave rose, a touch of colour and hope amongst the dead leaves. Tradition has it that a rose in winter is a sign of the presence of divinity, and symbolizes finding a right way. An hour after spotting this little beauty, I am still smiling.

07 Jan 2015

Tea Shop Rendezvous


My walk into the village this morning took me directly to Pinaglis Tea Room, where I am always made to feel welcome with wonderful coffee and gluten-free goodies!

(Fair disclaimer: I didn’t actually indulge in the goodies today, but I was certainly welcomed and I enjoyed knowing they were there for me to feast my eyes upon!)

06 Jan 2015

Seasonal Wildlife


Not all the seasonal decorations are gone yet;
these deer are still bringing a bit of cheer to the bleakness of January as they graze in the neighbourhood.

05 Jan 2015

Well and Truly January


Today is exactly why I made my walking resolution and started this blog – or more precisely, today’s weather is why I need public motivation to get me out and walking. The weather was just cold enough to leave icy tracings in hidden corners of the world, the days are still so short that darkness gathers in the early afternoon, and the skies never lost their leaden cast. These are perfect conditions for tempting those of us with reclusive natures to pull back into our  hermit caves to curl up with good books and interesting projects instead of venturing out into the world.

Because of my promise, however, I donned coat, gloves and hat and bravely sallied forth. In the neighbourhoods, Christmas is disappearing even though it is not yet Twelfth Night. Decorations were coming down, and even Mother Nature seemed to be sweeping up and absorbing her seasonal displays. It’s really January.

04 Jan 2015

New Year, New Bodkins

Those of you who see me on other blogs or circles, or who know me personally, will be aware of my love of woolly things and my passion for using sticks and hooks to create fabrics out of threads and yarns. For the past decade, the little wool shop in the village has been my home away from home, and part of my identity here in my community. Bodkins has a new owner now, and has just reopened to begin the new year with a new look and a fresh start.

My walk into the world today was to visit the shop and welcome Sandie Adams to her new role in the village, the shop, and also my heart.

Want a peek?

Bodkins, photo c Bodkins on Facebook

It’s lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes that Sandie brings to a place I love. I’ll still be teaching beading and knitting, so am still a part of the shop, but sometimes I struggle with change, so I’ve had to gulp a bit of air as I’ve said goodbye to what was familiar in order to embrace the excitement of fresh ideas and new energy.


I know Sandie would love for you to “like” her new Bodkins Haberdashery Facebook Page where she is giving glimpses into her shop and posting regular updates.

02 Jan 2015

Tracking the Gruffalo

We started this year as we mean to go on…. with a walk into the wild!

With our granddaughter in hand, and accompanied by some intrepid adventurers, we set off in search of the mythical Gruffalo, determined to follow his tracks and catch a glimpse in the deep, dark woods of Essex, where even the trees have a curious look, as if they could amble off at amble of at any moment.

Gruffalo Tree

We grappled with the local wildlife and discussed the possible benefits of eating roasted fox


or scrambled snake


We poked our noses into ravines and huts
(and one of our party bravely volunteered to investigate every single mud puddle on the path)


Until we finally found our Gruffalo!
And he was as friendly as can be…


And so was his child!


What? You’ve never heard of a Gruffalo?


01 Jan 2015

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