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First Hints of Spring

Our first crocus of 2017 appeared on my birthday….
Spring IS going to come again!

Fair-handed Spring unbosoms every grace; throws out the snowdrop and the crocus first.
– James Thomson

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  1. Carol Maurer

    February 17th is a magical day!!

  2. Nydin

    Your bright picture put a special end to a fun day as I celebrated my Birthday! Are we right together? Anyway… special, magical, wishes for your new year ahead!! I look forward to our walks together. Lots of love, Nydia

  3. Kimberly (Post author)

    Happy Birthday, Nydia…. we both seem surprised every year to find our special days so close together, which is like our annual renewal of the magic that surrounds our friendship!I hope you had a fabulous day, and that you ate some really wonderful cake!

  4. Kent R. Snyder

    Dear Kimberly,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! What a happy way to start your new year with a beautiful reminder of renewal and spring. I think now of a poem by e.e. Cummings and a baloonman and spring.
    Yours from the Left Coast of america, Kent


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