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It’s My Day

Today is World Stationery Day – the holiday with my name on it! For me, happiness has always been a new pen, a notebook, some glue, inks, paperclips, or what have you. If it is sold in a stationery store,…

29 Apr 2015

Women in Paris

If you ever have the chance to celebrate your 60th birthday in Paris with a dearest friend, do not hesitate! We have made the nicest of magic together, walking for miles, talking, eating, laughing, and exploring the most meaningful corners…

22 Feb 2015

Hearts of Gratitude

I have had an amazing and grace-filled life, and in the lead-up to this, my 60th, birthday, I have become more and more aware of the wonderful people who have been part of it and who have helped to make it…

17 Feb 2015

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