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It’s My Day


Today is World Stationery Day – the holiday with my name on it!


For me, happiness has always been a new pen, a notebook, some glue, inks, paperclips, or what have you. If it is sold in a stationery store, I’m almost guaranteed to love it. I celebrated by making a pilgrimage to my local stationery/art shop with a favourite enabler friend. I stop in there whenever I need a fix, and never come out empty-handed.


I only bought a few little treats today, but I’m happy to say that my stash is increasing, and on the first of May I’ll be launching a new art journal designed to travel with me through Sweden and Scotland in coming months. It’s part of the Notebook Project which is growing on my desk and in my psyche at the moment. I’ll be sharing details with my WriterlySoul Facebook group if anyone wants to watch it evolve.


And didn’t I say that today is my day? Look what showed up at Bodkins this evening – amazing red velvet belated-birthday cupcakes, gluten-free and lovingly baked, served with old vine French wine and a whole lot of love! I really am enjoying the best – and longest – birthday ever!


Happy Stationery Day, everyone! Go treat yourself to a new pen and some nice paper and Get Writing!


29 Apr 2015

Women in Paris

If you ever have the chance to celebrate your 60th birthday in Paris with a dearest friend, do not hesitate! We have made the nicest of magic together, walking for miles, talking, eating, laughing, and exploring the most meaningful corners of this ancient city. Here I introduce you to Clemence Isaure, a mythical lady whose   legend places her as the foundress of a poetry and literary society that started in 1322. She is memorialised amongst many historical women, in the beautiful Jardins de Luxembourg. She has attitude, I tell you!

22 Feb 2015

Hearts of Gratitude


I have had an amazing and grace-filled life, and in the lead-up to this, my 60th, birthday, I have become more and more aware of the wonderful people who have been part of it and who have helped to make it what it is. Last month, I started a meditative practice of creating little hearts as a way of appreciating my family and friends, with the idea that by today I would have 60 crocheted hearts to make a bouquet for me to present to all of you, in gratitude. In the coming weeks, I will distribute the hearts, one by one, in random and spontaneous ways.

Art tends to have a life of its own, and this project is no exception. When I got sick last week, crocheting hearts went straight to the bottom of my list of concerns, until one perceptive and generous friend called to ask if she could pick up my wool so she could finish the hearts for me. I had intended to make every stitch myself, but this unexpected collaboration suddenly gave my whole project more depth and meaning. The friendship and support that is now woven into the hearts symbolizes the very essence of my life. Thank you for journeying with me, and making my life so rich!Fireman Kim

17 Feb 2015

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