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Bare Branches


Our trees are losing their leaves, a sure sign that winter is on its way. Wind advisories have been issued for our area, so the remaining leaves will soon be flying.

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.
– Kahlil Gibran

16 Nov 2015

Winding Up the Season


The sun finally made an appearance while I was out walking this morning– I’ve missed it this week. The Met Office is saying that we’ll be losing our mild temperatures tomorrow, and that the wind will probably leave most of our trees bare by the end of the weekend, so I made a point of enjoying autumn’s glory before it’s gone. My goal for myself is to adhere to my walking practice, even if the weather deteriorates and winter begins to slide into the neighbourhood. You might have to remind me of that when winter really arrives.

12 Nov 2015

Sparkle and Spark


We awoke to thick fog again this morning, and I couldn’t resist heading right out into it — the fog was so dense that it was literally dripping from the trees as I walked under them. It would have been terrible driving out on the main roads, but in the sleepy streets of our neighbourhood, sounds were hushed and gardens shrouded in mystery; I just had to snap photos of a few more diamond-encrusted spiderwebs as I passed by. Grandmother Spider has been busy indeed.


Later, when the fog cleared, autumnal colours popped through with blazing intensity.

02 Nov 2015

Bright Bursts


There’s a lot of grey around Thundersley today. We’ve had a bit of rain, but mostly it’s just grey enough to make the first red leaves look really bright.


I know that compared with the riotous autumn colours in other places, this is tame, but it’s certainly enough to make my heart glow.

06 Oct 2015

Autumn’s Arrival


It’s chilly outside today and I’m feeling a little shiver of dread at the thought of my seasonally cold feet returning for the winter. Fortunately, though, I love the warm colours of autumn, so I’m enjoying them wherever I can!

What do you love most about this golden season?

03 Sep 2015

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