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Happy Easter Monday

   The crochet crew at Bodkins treated our village to a bit of woolly whimsy and colour this weekend. 

I  am learning to appreciate the very long weekend that is the British Easter holiday. It starts on Friday (aka Good Friday) and continues through Easter Monday, by which time I am feeling over-chocolated and despairing of ever seeing the mailman again. I chafe against the lack of separation of church and state, but embrace the chance to  to take a few days off to spend time with both family and nature, and to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Happy Easter everyone! May the newness of the season resonate in your soul and find expression in your heart. I hope that this weekend has been an opportunity for you to celebrate what matters to you, with the people you love.

28 Mar 2016

A Proper Village Fayre


Thundersley did itself proud this afternoon. Friends and neighbours gathered to celebrate the season and wish each other well as shopkeepers welcomed us with open doors and festive food and drink.


Jenny the Donkey came to see the children.


Father Christmas was there with reindeer and treats for good little boys and girls.


Our local hairdressers created reindeer hair for the ladies.


And our MP (Member of Parliament), Rebecca Harris, stopped by to visit all the shops and mingle with the crowds.


The comment I heard the most: Thundersley feels like a proper English village!

18 Dec 2015

Knit & Natter


The Noise Arts Festival is taking place all week here in Thundersley, and today Bodkins hosted a free Knit & Natter taster session for anyone wanting to pick up needles and wool and have a go. Seven of us crowded into the front of the shop to knit and get acquainted — and as always, what’s said in Knit Club, stays in Knit Club!


28 Oct 2015

Hide and Seek


My energy is returning slowly, and once again my evening walk to work was my primary foray into the world. The sky was spitting rain so I didn’t really feel like pausing to take photos and to  be  honest,  the  clouds seemed more menacing than photogenic. So tonight I’m  just going to share this photo of the little hedgehog I knitted years ago. He hides amongst the balls of wool at Bodkins, poking his little nose out from odd little corners. You would think  we’d all be used to him by now, but he still makes us smile whenever we catch a glimpse of him.

01 Apr 2015

From Crazy to Calm


Tuesdays get crazy in my life. Mondays feel exciting and full of potential,  but the reality of the week’s work always hits hard on Tuesdays. I enjoy walking to work on those evenings, especially if, like today, it is the only walk I’ve managed over the course of the  day. My feet make their way along the familiar roads and my mind relaxes as I switch gears and head to the haberdashery haven that is Bodkins. Those late-in-the-day walks are especially nice at this time of year when the clocks have just jumped forward and the days are getting noticeably longer week by week.

31 Mar 2015

Walking to the Pretty Things


I’m lucky. I live in village that has its own wool shop (aka haberdashery), and the shop has been a big part of my life for all the years that I’ve lived here. On Tuesdays nights we bead at Bodkins, and on Wednesday evenings we knit (other classes happen at other times, but these are the two that I teach). The shop is within easy walking distance from home, even on cold, dark nights; it’s just far enough to get my blood pumping and my endorphins hopping. Over the years our evening have evolved into something that’s about so much more than just beading and knitting — hearts open when our hands are busy with our needles. And there are so many pretty things to tempt us into future projects.

13 Jan 2015

New Year, New Bodkins

Those of you who see me on other blogs or circles, or who know me personally, will be aware of my love of woolly things and my passion for using sticks and hooks to create fabrics out of threads and yarns. For the past decade, the little wool shop in the village has been my home away from home, and part of my identity here in my community. Bodkins has a new owner now, and has just reopened to begin the new year with a new look and a fresh start.

My walk into the world today was to visit the shop and welcome Sandie Adams to her new role in the village, the shop, and also my heart.

Want a peek?

Bodkins, photo c Bodkins on Facebook

It’s lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes that Sandie brings to a place I love. I’ll still be teaching beading and knitting, so am still a part of the shop, but sometimes I struggle with change, so I’ve had to gulp a bit of air as I’ve said goodbye to what was familiar in order to embrace the excitement of fresh ideas and new energy.


I know Sandie would love for you to “like” her new Bodkins Haberdashery Facebook Page where she is giving glimpses into her shop and posting regular updates.

02 Jan 2015

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