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Happy Easter Monday

   The crochet crew at Bodkins treated our village to a bit of woolly whimsy and colour this weekend.  I  am learning to appreciate the very long weekend that is the British Easter holiday. It starts on Friday (aka Good…

28 Mar 2016

A Proper Village Fayre

Thundersley did itself proud this afternoon. Friends and neighbours gathered to celebrate the season and wish each other well as shopkeepers welcomed us with open doors and festive food and drink. Jenny the Donkey came to see the children. Father Christmas was…

18 Dec 2015

Knit & Natter

The Noise Arts Festival is taking place all week here in Thundersley, and today Bodkins hosted a free Knit & Natter taster session for anyone wanting to pick up needles and wool and have a go. Seven of us crowded…

28 Oct 2015

Hide and Seek

My energy is returning slowly, and once again my evening walk to work was my primary foray into the world. The sky was spitting rain so I didn’t really feel like pausing to take photos and to  be  honest,  the …

01 Apr 2015

From Crazy to Calm

Tuesdays get crazy in my life. Mondays feel exciting and full of potential,  but the reality of the week’s work always hits hard on Tuesdays. I enjoy walking to work on those evenings, especially if, like today, it is the…

31 Mar 2015

Walking to the Pretty Things

I’m lucky. I live in village that has its own wool shop (aka haberdashery), and the shop has been a big part of my life for all the years that I’ve lived here. On Tuesdays nights we bead at Bodkins, and…

13 Jan 2015

New Year, New Bodkins

Those of you who see me on other blogs or circles, or who know me personally, will be aware of my love of woolly things and my passion for using sticks and hooks to create fabrics out of threads and yarns. For…

02 Jan 2015

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