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Bye Bye Bove Town

Staying with Sig and Karin Lonegren in their lovely Bove Town home in Glastonbury has been a true delight over the past 16 years,  and I consider it one of my happy places. Oh the walks and talks, meals and…

28 Feb 2015

Sacred Threshold

One of the joys of visiting Glastonbury is having a wander up and down the High Street, stopping for coffee and a bit of browsing through the shops.  Along the way we pass Jacoby Cottage, an old Slipper Chapel where…

27 Feb 2015

The Path of Friendship

The only walking I managed today was short and utilitarian, on either end of a long drive from one side of England to the other. We said goodbye to Lisa Moriarty as she jetted  home to Minnesota, then drove west,…

26 Feb 2015

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