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Bye Bye Bove Town


Staying with Sig and Karin Lonegren in their lovely Bove Town home in Glastonbury has been a true delight over the past 16 years,  and I consider it one of my happy places. Oh the walks and talks, meals and meetings we’ve enjoyed there over the years! I always leave feeling inspired and energized. This morning when we said our goodbyes there was a thread of bittersweet nostalgia
weaving through as they prepare to move on to a new home and new adventures in the Netherlands. A piece of my heart will always remain in this sweet house (which is, by the way, now on the market if you are looking for a house in Glastonbury.)


From Glastonbury we headed further west to Gloucestershire (Wales) where Jeff lectured to the Slimbridge dowsers on the history of labyrinths. After lunch, we had just enough time to walk down the road to where an old sign gave a clue to the existence of a now long-gone turf labyrinth.


28 Feb 2015

Sacred Threshold


One of the joys of visiting Glastonbury is having a wander up and down the High Street, stopping for coffee and a bit of browsing through the shops.  Along the way we pass Jacoby Cottage, an old Slipper Chapel where medieval pilgrims would stop to wash their feet before stepping on to holy ground and proceeding to their sacred destination.

27 Feb 2015

The Path of Friendship


The only walking I managed today was short and utilitarian, on either end of a long drive from one side of England to the other. We said goodbye to Lisa Moriarty as she jetted  home to Minnesota, then drove west, past Stonehenge and on to Glastonbury where we are staying with our good friends Sig and Karin Lonegren. Rather than heading out to explore the world, we just settled in for a relaxing afternoon of good conversation, good food, and delightful friendship. The labyrinth above is the stained glass window in their home which reflects its light onto the adjoining wall.

26 Feb 2015

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