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Sweden’s National Day

We spent our last day in Gotland (last Saturday, but I’ve fallen a bit behind) driving to the southern tip of the island to attend a special event at the Bottarve Farm Museum. In celebration of National Day of Sweden…

08 Jun 2015

Sun, Sea, and Sky

I just can't get enough of the sun, sea, and sky here on Gotland. The peace of the island and my joy at being in this beautiful place is permeating my bones. The fact that we are also walking labyrinths…

06 Jun 2015

Exploring Gotland

A nigh unto perfect day for exploring and labyrinth walking yesterday… the sun was out, the wind was easing, and spring is in its prime here on Gotland. It was a day of discovery, reunion, and surprise. We started our…

05 Jun 2015

Labyrinth Search

We drove up to the north end of Gotland to see two of the old labyrinths, at Hallshuk and Othem, and to search for a newer one that we had only heard about. The lushness of the scenery and the…

03 Jun 2015

Destination Labyrinth

We have arrived on Gotland and have spotted our first labyrinth. My heart always thrills when I see these big ferries coming in to take us to faraway places. Our crossing was smooth and easy, with time for us to…

01 Jun 2015

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