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Meat & Two Veg

Hadleigh’s greengrocer and butcher shop always has a nice array of seasonal treats. I walked up from Thundersley to meet a friend for coffee this morning and took a bit of time on the way home to see what was on…

10 Nov 2015


    I am loving our autumn — crisp, sunny days, with leaves just beginning to turn. It feels good to be outside, and I’m looking for any opportunity to be out and about. No big adventures today, just a bit…

29 Sep 2015

Meet the Clangers

Look who appeared on a post box in nearby Hadleigh — the Clangers! For those of you in other parts of the world who don’t know about Clangers, you can read about them here and experience them here. They seem to be…

11 Sep 2015

Cast Iron Cross

Walking through Hadleigh en route to a business meeting, I passed by the Church of St. James the Less (which I’ve shown you before), and noticed an unusual grave cross in one corner of the church yard. Made of cast…

06 Aug 2015

Sacred Ground

I decided to combine business with pleasure (again), so after dropping my boots off at the shoe repair in Hadleigh this morning, I wandered over to the old church in the center of town. I’ve passed it a thousand times,…

17 Jan 2015

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