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January Chill

We have been waking up to icy weather conditions this week, and we can’t help but marvel at the icy artistry of Mother Nature. Jeff snapped this photo of the icy stream coming out of the cliffs at Barrow Brook on…

23 Jan 2017

Walking on History

It isn’t what people do for show that interests me most, but what they do day-to-day. Perhaps that is part of the fascination that Pompeii holds for me. Like Skara Brae in the Orkneys, it is a city preserved in…

10 Feb 2015

Our Quest Continues

As one who has studied Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, I know that a true adventure is not always easy, nor is it necessarily safe. Our journey today took us way up into the hills above the Adriatic Sea, to a…

09 Feb 2015

Following Ancient Footsteps

I have a passion for ancient villages, with their narrow streets and sense of timeless story. I get pulled into the twisting passageways, intrigued by the shuttered windows and crooked doorways, the beautiful fountains and interesting architecture, always imagining the…

08 Feb 2015

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