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J’aime Paris

Like so many people, I have a special place in my heart for Paris, and, indeed, for all things French, My feet have walked the streets of Paris as a tourist and a pilgrim, and my heart is breaking with…

14 Nov 2015

Pilgrimage Symbols Found

Pilgrimage runs in my blood, and we couldn’t resist walking in search of pilgrimage symbols along the medieval route through Paris, showing each other the treasures we’ve located on previous journeys. We had both heard about this delightful sign over…

23 Feb 2015

Women in Paris

If you ever have the chance to celebrate your 60th birthday in Paris with a dearest friend, do not hesitate! We have made the nicest of magic together, walking for miles, talking, eating, laughing, and exploring the most meaningful corners…

22 Feb 2015

Feeding My Writer’s Heart

Our morning stroll around the Ile de la Cité took us past some iconic Paris landmarks. My spirit had already been fed by our early morning visit to Notre Dame Cathedral before the arrival of the day’s onslaught of tourists,…

20 Feb 2015

Aaah…… Paris!

Can there be a better place to celebrate one's 60th birthday week? Lots of gentle walking, great food, meaningful conversation. The trip from England is a quick and comfortable train ride, depositing us in the heart of Paris just as…

19 Feb 2015

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