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Smell the Roses


I am so grateful for my neighbours who grow roses…

The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friends
— Persian Proverb

17 Jul 2015

Precious Perfume


The weather cleared in time for me to walk to Bodkins this evening. One garden always smells particularly nice as I walk past, and this beauty is the reason why. Resuming my summer evening walks is one the best parts of being back home again!

Every summer, like the roses, childhood returns.
― Marty Rubin



14 Jul 2015

Smell the Roses


We have some fantastic gardeners in our neighbourbood, people who surround their homes with foreign poppies, Nessie hedges, and seasonal blooms that take my breath away. Roses are blooming now, so the sun-warmed air was filled with their perfume as I walked to the village this morning. I can smell these yellow roses from half a block away, and always look forward to their seasonal arrival.

25 May 2015

A Rose in Winter


Although the days are short and the weather bleak, our winter has been fairly gentle thus far, as evidenced by this small brave rose, a touch of colour and hope amongst the dead leaves. Tradition has it that a rose in winter is a sign of the presence of divinity, and symbolizes finding a right way. An hour after spotting this little beauty, I am still smiling.

07 Jan 2015

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