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Shadow Fencing

Shadow fence

Long days bring long shadows when the late afternoon sun just begins to drop down behind the houses and into the trees. We’re getting quite a bit of rain at the moment, so it is especially nice to dash out for a quick walk before dinner when the sun makes an appearance. Shadows like this take on lives of their own, and whisper of stories waiting to be told.

16 May 2015

Ancient Holy Ground


The wind was bitter this afternoon, but it served to chase the rain away, and the beauty of the remaining clouds racing across the sky more than made up for the shivering. St. Peter’s Church stands on ancient holy ground just on the other side of Coombe Wood, so is only a short walk from home, a perfect destination for a cold day. I like the thought that people have come to this place for centuries, possibly millennia, seeking divine connection. The sense of peace is profound.

28 Jan 2015



My first crocus of 2015! One of the first flowers to come up each year, the crocus is said to be a powerful symbol of gladness as it opens to the sun, and to the goodness that is around us. Their sunny centers certainly speak to my heart as they carry the first promise of spring. I spotted these beauties in the churchyard of St. James the Less when we went back to get some photos of the church in today’s glorious sunshine. I just love how the winter sun casts such clean shadows on the old stonework, creating whole new trees out of nothing more than air and light.



19 Jan 2015

Shadow Play


The slant of the winter sun creates trees out of light, air, and brick… magic!

08 Jan 2015

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