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Southend After Dark

The nights are drawing in but the weather has been dry, so we’ve wanted to be out and about. Last night we had a wander along Southend seafront to enjoy the lights without the crowds. Never Never Land was a…

04 Nov 2016

A Gull on Every Post

Fantastic sighting along the Southend seafront this evening as we made our way home from a meeting – the resident black-headed gulls were hosting some of their Mediterranean cousins, all lined up on posts as the tide was going out.

23 Jul 2015

Winter on the River

I am a self-confessed Hermit who has to remind herself to say yes to people, adventure, and life. It snowed a little last night (for the first time in 2 years), so it was especially tempting to stay curled up…

30 Jan 2015

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