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In Love with Zurich, part 4

We ended our day with a wonderful fondue followed by another long stroll through the city to enjoy the lights and the conviviality of the crowds.

06 Nov 2015

In Love with Zurich, part 3

Continuing our quest, we went in search of the modern walkable labyrinth, the Zeughaushof. A labyrinth set within a labyrinth, it is obviously popular with locals who bring their lunches and sit on the benches to enjoy both the garden…

06 Nov 2015

In Love with Zurich, part 2

Our priority, naturally, was to search out the city’s two labyrinths, one very old,  one modern. This labyrinth set into the wall of a house in the old city dates back to 1585. We went into the shop that now…

06 Nov 2015

In Love with Zurich, part 1

I did not expect to fall so deeply in love with Zurich.  I’m sure the incredible weather has something to do with my euphoria,  and  it definitely played up the city’s charm,  but I think it is the people who…

06 Nov 2015

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