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Happy Hallowe’en!

The veil is thin tonight, and perhaps it’s true that on this night each year the dead return home. I am acutely aware of those who have gone on before me, those who helped make me who I am. Tonight, once the candy has been distributed and the candle in the jack-o-lantern has died out, I’ll make my altar and whisper the names of my ancestors and loved ones who are dead but certainly not forgotten. My yearly ritual helps keep them alive in my heart, and reminds me of my own place in the procession of humanity.

31 Oct 2015

Red Sky at Morning


Red sky at morning
sailors take warning…

Today’s rain came as no surprise after we awoke to this glorious sunrise. But who can complain about a bit of dampness after a show like this? ‘Twas worth waking up early for!

Here in Britain, of course, it is voiced a bit differently:

Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight;
Red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning.

Both versions apparently echo William Shakespeare:

Like a red morn that ever yet betokened, Wreck to the seaman, tempest to the field,
Sorrow to the shepherds, woe unto the birds,Gusts and foul flaws to herdmen and to herds.
Venus and Adonis

And what I didn’t know is that Jesus said it, too:

When it is evening, you say, “It will be fair weather; for the sky is red.”
And in the morning, “It will be stormy today, for the sky is red and threatening.”
Matthew 16:2-3

30 Oct 2015

Softly, Gently


As I’ve been telling you, this is a fun week for the village, but today I’m giving in to the fatigue and scratchy throat that have been hovering in the background for the past couple of days. As testament to the walking practice I’ve been developing, I still walked, but I divided the day into a series of short, gentle walks. No socializing, no hurry, no stress, just a surrendering to my own measured pace and rhythm. The air was so damp that I couldn’t really tell if it was raining or simply misting, which gave a dewy softness to the few flowers that still linger in my neighbours’ gardens.

29 Oct 2015

Knit & Natter


The Noise Arts Festival is taking place all week here in Thundersley, and today Bodkins hosted a free Knit & Natter taster session for anyone wanting to pick up needles and wool and have a go. Seven of us crowded into the front of the shop to knit and get acquainted — and as always, what’s said in Knit Club, stays in Knit Club!


28 Oct 2015

Another Woolly Sighting!


Along with all the pink reminders of breast cancer awareness in Thundersley this week, we are also celebrating art in various forms – and the Craft Club has been doing their part. This little autumn scene is brightening the corner outside the post office. (Unfortunately, the blue skies are gone now, and the little woolly pumpkins and their guardian scarecrow are getting a good soaking this evening.)

27 Oct 2015

Thundersley in Pink


Breast cancer affects us all. This week, Thundersley is decked out in pink to increase awareness of the disease and hopefully encourage donations to the Lady McAdden Breast Screening Trust. I’m feeling very proud of my community today! (If you are reading this in an email, please click over to my actual webpage to see a gallery of our local shops all doing their part.)


26 Oct 2015

Woolly Sighting!


The Craft Club has been at it again, this time with a cute and clever autumn scene. I love the woollies, and love the smiles of the people who were gathering to ooh and aah.


I am so grateful to live in such a fun-spirited and creative community!

25 Oct 2015

Revisiting Limnerslease


We returned to the Watts Gallery today for a second look at the fabulous Richard Dadd exhibit before it closes at the end of the month. With a bit of time to spare, we also booked onto the tour of Limnerslease, the home where George Frederic Watts lived with his wife, Mary. (Mary, you might remember from my earlier posts this year, is the creator of the exquisite Watts Chapel, which was build as a memorial to her husband.)


The Watts Gallery Trust has been working to acquire and subsequently restore Limnerslease, the house where the Watts’ lived and had their studios. We saw the house about a year ago, just before the current restoration work was begun in earnest — it’s a huge undertaking, and we’ve been eager to see how it’s coming along. It is, in a word, stunning, and it is clear that the work is deeply meaningful to the entire team of professionals and volunteers who are working on the project. The Watts’ studios will officially open early in 2016, and we’ll visit again then, but for today, we were very happy to be allowed to peek into the accessible areas of the house and the extensive gardens and grounds.


Once again, I found particular delight in seeing the Pilgrim’s Way that runs across the bottom of the hillside — these crosses on the bridge were the work of Louis Reid Deuchars, who intended them to serve as both trail markers and inspirations. Follow the trail far enough, and it will eventually lead you to Canterbury. Just off the trail is this memorial cross created by Mary to honour her husband after his death in 1904. Now that we know it is there, we make a point of stopping to see it whenever we are in the area.


24 Oct 2015

London with Kids


I love how the very nature of London seems to change depending on who you’re with. Today was absolutely brilliant! With two small kids in tow, a friend and I took the train into London for the day. We walked past the old Roman wall across from the Tower of London, then made our way to Covent Garden where we visited the gardens at St. Paul’s Church to eat our pre-lunch snacks, chase the “pidges,” and admire the various structures and statues that are in the grounds.



When that grew old, we headed over to the London Transport Museum for the rest of the afternoon. Now, that’s a place for a girl like me! Travel runs in my veins, and I love just about anything that gets me from one place to another, so I enjoyed it as much as my pint-sized companions.



23 Oct 2015

Walking into Autumn


I guess it won’t be long before the branches are bare, but for today I’m enjoying the crunchy earthiness of my walks. The best part? I swear my brisk-ish walks are improving my circulation and I’m not feeling so bothered by the nip in the air this year.

22 Oct 2015

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