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Walking in the World

Dragonfly Drop-in


We have a new friend who likes to spend his afternoons hunting small flies and basking in our garden. We’ve been enjoying a few days of Real Summer weather this week, with temperatures in the 80’s, which makes the garden a…

26 Aug 2016

Ariadne Returns


Ariadne is back! To follow my labyrinth adventures, please visit me at Ariadne’s Thread where my posts will be primarily labyrinth-related. Walking in the World will continue with its eclectic nature, with labyrinths merely appearing amongst my other daily meanderings, both…

24 Aug 2016

A-maze-ing Saffron Walden!


Every few years, the Minotaur comes to Saffron Walden, home of the wonderful 17th century turf maze. He came, in many forms, as part of the 2016 Saffron Walden Maze Festival, which was a rousing success. Every three years, the town celebrates its maze-y history,…

22 Aug 2016



I’m still enjoying my memories of being in the Netherlands last week, and I just can’t resist showing you a few more tiles and treats. As I wandered through the Tegelmuseum, I found myself lingering in two particular rooms –…

19 Aug 2016

Gardening with Friends


Jeff kindly takes care of our gardening for us –  I think  he sees it as a chance to commute with his critterly comrades! This Oak Bush cricket was keeping him company this afternoon as he was clipping back a…

15 Aug 2016

Casella Labyrinth 


We visited a lovely labyrinth deep in the heart of the forest near Hilversum. Before reaching the labyrinth itself,  we spent a few minutes in the special prayer room whose floor to ceiling windows look out onto the labyrinth,  a…

13 Aug 2016



Yesterday was a grey and drizzly day, just the right sort of day for a museum outing, and a perfect chance for us to explore the Tegelmuseum (Tile Museum) in Otterlo, a half hour drive from Baarn. I didn’t think to take…

12 Aug 2016

Small World


There is a small airport only 15 minutes from our house, and 40 minutes after take-off, you can be landing in Amsterdam – a different country, different language, different culture, different geography. How amazing is that? It is one of…

11 Aug 2016

Imaginal Perspective


There is a fantastic little gallery in Brighton with a big vision and an even bigger heart, whose mission is to remove barriers to accessing and engaging with contemporary art. The director of Fabrica invited us to visit and speak as…

09 Aug 2016

Whispered Stories


I went to Brighton for the first time yesterday. We were there for work, but took the opportunity to see a bit of the city centre en route to the art gallery where we were speaking in the afternoon. Seaside…

08 Aug 2016

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