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Stitched Stories

We drove up to Cambridge this morning to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum to see their latest exhibit, Sampled Lives. The museum has a number of antique samplers in its collection, and has curated the best of them into a lovely and informative show.

As I’m currently working to reproduce the 1798 sampler that is part of the Labyrinthos collection (read about it here), this was an unprecedented opportunity to study the colours, threads, fabrics, and motifs from a wide assortment of originals. Oh, those tiny stitches… some more perfect than others, but all hinting at storied lives, unique personalities, and passing time. I find there is incredible intimacy in examining another woman’s handiwork; I’m looking straight into her soul when I examine her careful stitches, study the effect of her many choices about colours and motifs, and read the verses it must have taken weeks to work. Because stitching is such an important part of my self-expression, I can read deeply from a carefully preserved sampler that someone else has stitched centuries before I was born.

14 Jun 2017

Labyrinth Knitting

Yesterday was Worldwide Knit in Public Day which is usually a chance to meet up with other knitters in some public place to unapologetically pull out our needles and yarn. As our local knitting group meets in the village pub every Wednesday, knitting in public seems pretty normal to me, but I love being extra-obvious and blatant about it every June. We were busy with a labyrinth event up in Cambridgeshire yesterday (which you can read about here and here), and as I was one of the organizers and speakers, I needed to keep my attention fairly focused, but I did manage to slip away for a few minutes of peaceful labyrinth knitting, thus successfully combining my two passions!

11 Jun 2017

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