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Happy Easter Monday

   The crochet crew at Bodkins treated our village to a bit of woolly whimsy and colour this weekend. 

I  am learning to appreciate the very long weekend that is the British Easter holiday. It starts on Friday (aka Good Friday) and continues through Easter Monday, by which time I am feeling over-chocolated and despairing of ever seeing the mailman again. I chafe against the lack of separation of church and state, but embrace the chance to  to take a few days off to spend time with both family and nature, and to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Happy Easter everyone! May the newness of the season resonate in your soul and find expression in your heart. I hope that this weekend has been an opportunity for you to celebrate what matters to you, with the people you love.

28 Mar 2016

Come, Spring

  We really needed the sunshiny beauty that was yesterday. I loved every minute of my walk through our neighbourhood. Spring was busting out, and all of nature seemed to be reaching for the heavens.

26 Mar 2016

Bold Blooms


This happiest of colour combinations makes my heart sing! These spring beauties are in a neighbour’s front garden,  and I walk past as often as possible at this time of year.

17 Apr 2015

Spring from the Inside Out


Feels like rain,  smells like rain… My walk today was short and damp, and I found the brightest colour waiting for me here at home.  The knitted vase was a gift from a creative new knitter.

03 Apr 2015

Greeting Spring


Even the cars are blinking and batting their eyelashes in our lovely early spring sunshine. It’s cold outside, but oh-so-pretty!

04 Mar 2015

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