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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Goodbye November!

Dear November, it doesn’t feel like you stayed around very long. We packed so much into your days that they just flew past, and now we’re already waving goodbye. From the lovely weather we enjoyed in Switzerland when you first…

30 Nov 2015

Flexible Traditions

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays, and I have happy memories of lovely meals shared with various combinations and permutations of family and friends over the years. I love, above all, the feeling of being in sync…

29 Nov 2015

Giant’s Causeway

After leaving Belfast on Saturday morning, we drove north through the frigid countryside towards the Giant’s Causeway, a natural wonder that – despite its whimsical name –  feeds the spirit as deeply as any cathedral. Each year when we go Iona,…

27 Nov 2015

St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

Saturday’s visit to Northern Ireland was a day of two parts. After flying in from Stansted, we rented a car and drove along snowy roads, making our way into central Belfast to visit St. Anne’s Cathedral. Jeff had heard that…

25 Nov 2015

Praying for Rein, Deer

We couldn’t help the puns. They just kept coming as we marveled at this wild juxtaposition of seasonal imagery. In November, which some might say is way too early to start decorating for Christmas.

24 Nov 2015

The Reluctant Walker

Even after yesterday’s epiphany about the joys and benefits of walking in cold weather, I still had a hard time pushing myself out the door today. Any and every excuse seemed better than actually putting on my hat and gloves…

23 Nov 2015

Winter’s Approach

A quick photo to show you that today’s walk was both cold and beautiful. I’ll post some Belfast stories tomorrow, but the carry-over into today was that I went out at all, into the cold. Yesterday’s hilly hike through the…

22 Nov 2015

To Belfast and Back

We had a great day out today — to Belfast! Snow and Belfast sort of go together in our experience, and sure enough, we saw the first snowfall of the winter today. This was the view out the window as…

21 Nov 2015

Recycled Humour

This week has been intense from start to finish, but we’ve gotten a lot done, and I’ve managed a few good long walks despite grey skies, fierce wind, and a crazy workload. On a trip to the tip (recycling centre)…

20 Nov 2015

Storm Barney

The gusting wind is rattling the roof tiles this evening, leaving everything feeling unsettled. I could feel the storm approaching, so I went out walking in plenty of time to be back before things got too intense. I was, for…

17 Nov 2015

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