Colourful London

Seven Dials

August is flying past. My creative spark has been reignited, and my energy has been pulled away from my computer and towards my wool, beads, art supplies, and interesting projects. Today, though, I went into London with a friend and managed to combine a whole lot of my current interests with my love of walking and exploring the world. We started at Seven Dials (near Covent Garden), then wandered towards the colourful shops and cafes of  Neal’s Yard:


before walking over to spend a very long time perusing the bead treats at the Bead Shop. I was fairly restrained in my purchases because I knew that our next stop was going to be at my personal Happy Place, the London Graphics Centre. How can one shop manage to have so many things I need want?


As you can see, by afternoon, the clouds had cleared and yesterday’s rain left things looking shiny and bright, a perfect day for meandering.


4 thoughts on “Colourful London

  1. That’s one of the things I miss, living in Alaska. A quick jaunt here and there in Europe. At least I get it virtually here.

  2. I was there last Friday! meandering… off to Spitalfields today.. more meandering 🙂

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