Girls’ Day Out


Yes, I realise that today’s photo is rather uninspired and you may well wonder what it has to do with walking, but that’s because I was having too good a time to bother with photos – this is one I took to consider for a future purchase. My friend’s FitBit swears that we walked well over 10,000 steps as we made our way through Ikea, Tesco, and two shopping malls — urban walking at its girlie best!. We shopped, talked, lunched, and laughed as we set the world to rights.

One thought on “Girls’ Day Out

  1. You are aware of the enjoyment of shopping. I like shopping for all kinds of things but I have to have a motive or objective to keep my focus. In that way I am truly one of the weaker sex as I do not have the endurance all day expeditions as you described. Get a man interested in hardware and automobles… diffrent story. It’s about the hunt is t not? I liked the shot of the dinnerware. I like stoneware, but I am drawn to Corelle ware (plastic and unbreakable). Their patterns make you weep. I enjoy design and fashion and architecture and fine arts. I love figureing out how buildings change the way you feel. There is a Bakery near where I live (Italian) that never has people sitting or spending time there. Very oppressive, looks normal, but you want to leave. Odd reallly. K

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