Ikea Counts

As anyone who has ever shopped at Ikea can attest, navigating through the store counts as a real walk. Yes, I know it is already a matter of my project, my rules, but I want to make sure that on any given day I’m holding to the spirit of my resolution — to move my body, get out of the house, out of my head, and into the world around me. I wear my FitBit even if I don’t obsess over a daily step goal, and a whirl through Ikea (is there such a thing?) definitely counts as a walk, possibly even an all-out hike. I talked to people, I laughed, smiled, and even rolled my eyes a few times while browsing and shopping. This photo proves I was there:


My purchase will now decorate our doorstep and welcome me home from my Thundersley walks for the rest of the year:

DoormatAnd a quick browse through the food shop on the way out reminded me that there will be even better food waiting for me on our Swedish Labyrinth Tour in June. (Swedish meatballs, anyone? There are still 2 weeks left to claim the Early Bird Discount.) Ikea

All in all, it was a good morning out, and my FitBit is very happy with me.

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  1. … been there with you… remembering a glorious spiritual happening. The little labyrinth ? will dig up the picture of Erwin and Lisa creating it!

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