It’s My Day


Today is World Stationery Day – the holiday with my name on it!


For me, happiness has always been a new pen, a notebook, some glue, inks, paperclips, or what have you. If it is sold in a stationery store, I’m almost guaranteed to love it. I celebrated by making a pilgrimage to my local stationery/art shop with a favourite enabler friend. I stop in there whenever I need a fix, and never come out empty-handed.


I only bought a few little treats today, but I’m happy to say that my stash is increasing, and on the first of May I’ll be launching a new art journal designed to travel with me through Sweden and Scotland in coming months. It’s part of the Notebook Project which is growing on my desk and in my psyche at the moment. I’ll be sharing details with my WriterlySoul Facebook group if anyone wants to watch it evolve.


And didn’t I say that today is my day? Look what showed up at Bodkins this evening – amazing red velvet belated-birthday cupcakes, gluten-free and lovingly baked, served with old vine French wine and a whole lot of love! I really am enjoying the best – and longest – birthday ever!


Happy Stationery Day, everyone! Go treat yourself to a new pen and some nice paper and Get Writing!


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  1. Yeah Jasper is quite the enabler isn’t he 😉

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