New Year, New Bodkins

Those of you who see me on other blogs or circles, or who know me personally, will be aware of my love of woolly things and my passion for using sticks and hooks to create fabrics out of threads and yarns. For the past decade, the little wool shop in the village has been my home away from home, and part of my identity here in my community. Bodkins has a new owner now, and has just reopened to begin the new year with a new look and a fresh start.

My walk into the world today was to visit the shop and welcome Sandie Adams to her new role in the village, the shop, and also my heart.

Want a peek?

Bodkins, photo c Bodkins on Facebook

It’s lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes that Sandie brings to a place I love. I’ll still be teaching beading and knitting, so am still a part of the shop, but sometimes I struggle with change, so I’ve had to gulp a bit of air as I’ve said goodbye to what was familiar in order to embrace the excitement of fresh ideas and new energy.


I know Sandie would love for you to “like” her new Bodkins Haberdashery Facebook Page where she is giving glimpses into her shop and posting regular updates.

2 thoughts on “New Year, New Bodkins

  1. What? A new owner at Bodkins? I wonder what will change? Since moving to a very small town in 2013, I have come to appreciate deeply what a good LYS means for the local sticks&yarn set.
    Best wishes for continuity and qiviat!

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