In Village Life, Small Things Matter

I’ve been showing you around Thundersley because it’s home to me, and it’s where I walk most days. I also want my family and friends around the world to see my local community, and I hope to sow some seeds… maybe if I show you the place that has taken me to its heart, you will start to care about it, and you might even come visit. It’s worth a try! As villages go, it’s a good one.


Today, however, brought sad news. There was a major fire in our little pet shop yesterday, and the local owner will be closing, at least for the time being. I’m not even a pet owner, but I’ve been in, I know Andie, and I am shocked and saddened by the news. She knew the village animals and their owners, and could always point me to the right treats for special dogs. (Ned Clarke and I have had a lovely friendship ever since he was puppy, and yes, we exchange Christmas gifts every year.) A fire like this one is big drama for a little village. The shop still looks fine from the outside, but the inside has been heavily damaged. Thankfully, the fire was quickly contained and none of the surrounding shops burned, but the shock waves have rocked us all.

3 thoughts on “In Village Life, Small Things Matter

  1. The like is for being able to connect with you over there, to me over here, and to know that we are a part of your village and life and that these happenings matter. Please convey to your friends and the owners that a lot of people are wishing them a speedy recovery!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    This is my wife’s pet shop and we have received such a positive response from the village both face to face and on facebook that we cant wait to re-open if it is at all possible.
    We both feel that Thundersley is a very special village, still retaining community spirit.
    Thanks again, perhaps you will say hello on our “Grand” re-opening day?
    Very best,
    Mark B.Freeston

    1. Mark (and Andie), this is great news! I will certainly be around with my camera when you reopen, and will be excited to both announce and celebrate. Good luck!

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