Evening Glow


We have summer! Real summer! It’s rare that we get temperatures warm enough to qualify for that designation. It’s tempting to complain about being too hot, but it’s just so fun to run around barefoot and wear real summer clothes, that I don’t dare utter a single word of complaint about the heat. I didn’t feel up to joining Jeff on his nature hike this afternoon, but I couldn’t let the beauty of today pass unappreciated, so I headed out for an evening ramble around the neighbourhood, soaking up the summer smells of freshly mown grass and after-work barbecues.

Our own garden comes to life with evening primrose at this time of year. I’m afraid they tend to look a bit scraggly during the daytime, but just look at what greets us once the sun goes down! They almost seem to glow in the dusk, welcoming us back home.