Across the Causeway


Living out on the Thames estuary is a far cry from living in London. Sometimes I long for a more cosmopolitan community, but other times this seems just right for me, particularly when I’m out with Jeff and he encourages me to see the landscape through his eyes. There is so much here!


After leaving St. Michael’s and All Angels last week, we drove out through the farms and vineyards to the causeway that connects the mainland to Mersea Island, with its busy little fishing community.


We’ve been to Mersea before, but on Wednesday we carefully timed our arrival to be well before noon so that we would be able to get a table at the the famous Company Shed (any later than that and there’s invariably a queue out the door).


Yes, it’s really a shed. With seafood.


The best seafood I’ve ever tasted, in fact. And the nicest staff and customers. Jeff ordered the razor clams while I opted for the seared scallops. Accompanied by local beer for him and wine for me. And bread that the people next to us had brought and generously shared. Then Jeff offered the guy a taste of his clams, and a woman handed me a forkful of her tiger prawns. And they were so good that we ordered a plate of those, too. It’s that kind of place.


Quite honestly, I would advise every friend I’ve ever had to come visit, then beg us to take you to Mersea (because you’ll never find it on your own – and even if you could, what would be the fun of that?)


Full to the brim, relaxed and completely happy, we wandered along the beach, dawdled on the causeway, visited a Roman burial mound – and then rounded out the afternoon with scones and tea.


Definitely a perfect day!