Crickets in the Mint

As you may already know, England is in the midst of a hot, dry summer. Our lawn is crispy but our patio plants are thriving in the sunshine…. and the air is full of insects, from crickets to dragonflies to the biggest bumblebees I’ve ever seen.

Because I enjoy making my own herbal tea blends, we planted some mint earlier in the spring, and have been enjoying a parade of crickets ever since that enjoy hiding and hunting amidst its leaves. This little fellow, an oak bush cricket (Meconema thalassinum), is our latest visitor. While not an uncommon species, it’s not often seen as it generally lives high in the trees of ancient woodland – but does occasionally venture into adjacent gardens (such as ours).

6 thoughts on “Crickets in the Mint

  1. Hi Kim,

    Chloe has many crickets in her front yard near her yews. They are so fun to watch, they like to rub their legs together and sing a very loud and meditative sound.

    So fun that you have that in common!

  2. How lovely, Kimberly! He’s a handsome little fellow indeed, and a good luck sign.
    Happy listening and sipping! Carol

  3. Your Cricket was a bright spot! In Calif. your crickets do not even look like they are related! Summer they seem to enjoy being indoors and are continually being tracked down by their chirping and removed which can be interesting! I do love their sounds at night. Fun XO Nydia

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