Italy in Essex


I’ve been excited to go to the Italian Market on Rayleigh High Street. Expecting a crowd, we got there right at 9:00, which was the advertised start time, only to find a grand total of two stands, both of which were just beginning to be set up. We parked and walked and waited, and…. it was worth our while! Cheese

The vendors were chatty and they really knew their wares. In Italy the laws around gluten-free foods are quite strict, which makes it a very safe place for me to eat. There is no grey area — if a restaurant says they can serve me, then I am assured that there will be a separate station with separate utensils for preparing my food. The Italian Market was just as enlightened, and I got some very special treats — which is especially nice as I’ve been missing my Italian friends lately. We so loved our time in Italy last February, and this market stirred my memory and my heart.


Any guesses what we’re having for dinner tonight?


Ok,ok… there was also the most amazing torrone stand. Every imaginable flavour, all gluten free. Spoiled for choice, I finally decided on the tiramisu….. but unfortunately we demolished it long before we got around to taking photos.

2 thoughts on “Italy in Essex

  1. Memories of Italian fresh pecorino! How fortunate are you and Jeff!

  2. No restraint at all! I am surprised you did not eat the terimasu at the market. See what an illiterate I can become around food. My weakness. Sounds like great fun to get your produce fresh. The cheeses called to me. Bon guesto. K

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