Marvellous Old Mill


Rayleigh Mill was looking quite resplendent this morning when we walked through town.

This beautiful windmill in the centre of Rayleigh is a well-loved landmark, and a lovely destination for a walk when we’re in the neighbourhood. Built in 1809, the Mill worked hard in its day, but now houses a local museum and offers wonderful views to the hearty folk willing to climb the narrow stairs. (We didn’t do that today, but we have in the past — it is open to the public from April to September each year.)

2 thoughts on “Marvellous Old Mill

  1. Lovely! There was an old windmill on my family property on the Chesapeake Bay but unfortunately it was torn down in the 40’s 🙁 We do have a few of the Delft tile that graced part of it.

    1. Oh, wow, Carol! I love mills, both wind and water, and don’t think I realize how common – and how needed – they once were. Treasure that tile… A Dutch friend gifted me with one years ago, and I love it!

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