Pennies from Heaven

Find a penny, pick it up,
All day long you’ll have good luck

I can never resist, and it always makes me happy…

My husband picks up coins, too… but some of his finds are way more interesting than mine. He found this one out on the banks of the River Blackwater last Sunday. Minted circa 337 – 346 AD. Seriously! Emperor Constans, the last Roman Emperor to visit the British Isles, is still discernable on the front. Jeff looked pretty happy when he carried it home!Roman Penny

2 thoughts on “Pennies from Heaven

  1. Because I’m paying a little bit more attention to my walks because of you… I had a lovely encounter with a woman while walking this morning. We stopped to chat. She doesn’t use a computer, so I pulled out my phone and showed her your post today. She and I both marveled over Jeff’s find (I can just see the smile on his face when he showed you this) and what you are doing. My world is all the richer from this encounter today… and from your sharing these piece of shiny and old luck found…

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