Seasonal Sights


The good thing about Ikea is that you can easily rack up 2500 steps between the front door and the exit, even when you head straight for the Market Hall without setting foot in the showroom. After three visits in one week, I’m getting quicker at making my way through the maze of household goods, but it still takes me 2500 steps from start to finish. Why three visits, you ask? We are replacing some of our dishes and Ikea has the ones we like best, simple and colourful. It has taken us a few days to figure out exactly how we wanted to mix and match for maximum oomph. I like a good punch of coordinated colour, but I prefer simple lines that don’t overshadow the food that is served.


As long as I was putting Jeff through Retail Hell this morning, I insisted on stopping at Tesco on the way home — which was good for another 1500 steps. Autumn’s nip has brought on my annual bout of pumpkin craving and Tesco is the one place I can count on to stock Libbys, the familiar American brand. Yes, I pay an exorbitant price, but at least I can count on a few months of pumpkin smoothies, muffins, and soups. By lunchtime we were back home, with 4000 steps on my pedometer and a car filled with dishes and food!


I stayed home all afternoon to work on various projects, but Jeff headed to the seafront which is his refuge at this time of year. In addition to tracking the seabird migration, he loves watching the traffic on the river, and there was some interesting stuff passing by today!