Springtime Miracle

I keep thinking I’m ready to surface again, but when I’ve tried writing a blog post I’ve heard my soul whispering softly, not yet, not yet…  And that’s okay. Returning from the fog of grief was always going to be a slow and tentative process.

Today as we watched our first crocus open to the sun I realised I am ready to share our family’s news – in fact, I really want to shout from the rooftops that Hope and Mystery have re-entered our realm. My youngest daughter and her husband are expecting twins! I was with them in Chicago when they found out in October, saw them again last month at their baby shower and gender reveal in California, and will be visiting them in their new home in Minnesota when the babies are born – so I feel as involved as I am delighted. Two new grandbabies in our still-growing family!

Do you know about Gender Reveals? I thought I did. But guess what? The parents find out at the same time as the guests! Who knew? At the scan, the parents can opt to get the photos with the news in a sealed envelope which they then entrust to a party store who fills a box with the  appropriately coloured balloons. The box is then opened at the party, with everyone finding out at the same time. Pass the tissues…

The news? Twin A is a girl, Twin B is a boy! And, happily, both are healthy, growing, and active. To me, it is nothing short of a miracle that we get to watch them develop even before they are born.

13 thoughts on “Springtime Miracle

  1. Your spirit shines through in your writing Kim. Thank you for sharing your preciousness with your followers. You always touch me deeply with your wisdom and your love.

    Love to you always!


  2. Such incredible joy for this happiness that weaves through all of us and your dear family. Thank you for this post of miracles and the beauty you share through your writing Kimberly. Xo

  3. So exciting! Thank you for sharing.
    Love always,
    Janice in Chicago

  4. new life is always something to be celebrated whether it is babies or new chapters in existing lives:
    how beautiful that both these things are relevant here!

  5. I’m so happy for you all! Nothing like these little/big miracles to keep hope alive! Thank you for sharing. Love you!

  6. Double joy x how wonderful to be so involved with the miracle of precious new life… peace and blessings to you all… tiny feet on the path.. xxx

  7. What a lovely news, congratulations Kimberley – have a great weekend ‘overthere at the other side of the sea’. Hug from Holland!

  8. Double moments of joy! I am so happy for all of you and continue to wrap you all in prayer!

  9. How exciting and joyous! A boy and a girl will be so much fun! It is time for celebration and prayer for continued blessings! Best wishes and love to you all.

  10. How tender and precious are your words and your heart as you express that “Hope and Mystery have re-entered our realm”! These are beautiful, miraculous days…love you your family as you anticipate and welcome the twins into all the love you have for them already!

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