Bold Optimism


To be honest, this photo is a bit misleading in that it looks like spring is struggling to arrive, when in actuality the wildflowers are blooming madly and wildly in both the woods and our gardens, and trees are bursting into both leaf and blossom. Nevertheless, this brave little chestnut seedling caught my eye and captured my heart with its bold optimism.

It is not in a good location, and it is undoubtedly going to get trampled long before it grows into its tree-potential, but it doesn’t seem to care; it is simply pushing forward towards its destiny. Far be it from me to be the one to tell it that it isn’t ever going to be a tree!



2 thoughts on “Bold Optimism

  1. Well… I would be tempted to dig this little guy out and find a nice safe spot for it where it truly can grow into a tree! Maybe it is destiny you spotted it… maybe you came by to give it its chance … who knows…

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