Crepuscular Rays

En route to Kent on Monday evening to visit the labyrinth in Chislehurst Methodist Church (story here), we were treated to a most amazing heavenly display. It was so beautiful, in fact, that we detoured to find a side road so we could get out of the car to enjoy it with our cameras:

Scientifically, the explanation is that there was a band of Saharan dust drifting across our part of the country which caused a beautiful sunset as beams of sunlight, called Crepuscular rays, passed through gaps in the clouds and were made more visible through the dust particles.

4 thoughts on “Crepuscular Rays

  1. Amazingly Wow! I use the word “Glory” here…like “Mine eyes have seen the glory”
    thanks much XO Nydia

  2. It’s very beautiful, Kimberly. Thank you. We are getting some amazing sunsets here because of the forest fires. A reminder that there is always beauty.

    But with fingers crossed for rain…

    1. We’re expecting rain tomorrow – and keeping our fingers crossed that it really happens!

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